Bundle your audio services together. Combine with other media service categories, such as photo and videodigital art, and web utilities to fulfill your project goals with ease.


Taking raw audio and fine-tuning it for full sound (mixing), is the most important part of any audio project.

Using VST3 digital audio plugins we mix and master your record to maximize loudness and character. Afterward, we polish the mix with effects on the final track (mastering).

We translate natural sounds into a digital form with a wide array of equipment. Anything from microphones, rooms, instruments, amplifiers and top of the line digital software; You’ll have access to the tools you need.

We can also work with any engineer of your choice and collaborate with other studios in your area. Get the space best suited to recording your record, even if it’s live on-location!

New City Media Services

Est. 2016

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Albums, Commercials, Video Games, Sound Effects, Scores, On Location, Live Mixing, And More!

Audio engineering is our specialty. We can meet all your needs, whether you’re looking for live audio, recorded audio, or commercial audio, we work with you to create the sound you're looking for.

When your audio needs backing tracks, instrumentals, composition, any mixing, mastering, or recording; Our full production service has it all.

When you pay for a mix down, you get a master free!


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